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50 Cent Canceled Father’s Day “It’s Not A Real Holiday”

50 Cent

50 Cent says Father’s Day is not a real holiday.

When he is not trolling his enemies on Instagram, 50 Cent is dropping some wisdom. On Sunday, Fif posted a video clip on Instagram venting about how fathers are treated differently for Father’s Day than how mothers are treated differently for Mother’s Day. The G-Unit chief is pretty much saying that Father’s Day is not a real holiday; they just threw it in there because they have Mother’s Day.

“Father’s Day is a holiday that’s not really a holiday,” 50 Cent said. “Even by the commercials. Father’s Day, they show you a screwdriver, mutha****in power tools. Go fix some sh*t… When Mother’s Day comes, the sh*t be like Zales, ‘Because you care.’ It be different sh*t like ni**as don’t want diamonds. They gon’ do it for their mother, but they ain’t gon’ do it for their father. Mother’s Day come ni**as get flowers cards all kind of sh*t right.”

50 Cent added that all fathers get on Father’s Day is a text that also reminded them to make sure they send that check. “I literally just spit my drink out after watching this because I just received my text,” one of his followers wrote in the comments.

“Hey Man I want to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY in case you don’t get ya text today,” 50 Cent added.