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Meek Mill Says His Life Is In Danger In Own Hood “I Know They Will Kill Me”

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Perhaps Nipsey Hussle could’ve taken some advice from Meek Mill.

The Philly rapper, who grew up in these streets, says he has moved out the hood and will never go back because his life would be in danger. Despite how you might feel about his statement, bare in mind that Nipsey Hussle was investing heavily in his hood and still yet he was gunned down in front of a business establishment he set up in his hood. Not to stray too far from Meek Mill story, but Nipsey is a prime example of the fate you risk as a superstar still living in the community where you were raised.

Meek did his regular #Askmeek session on Saturday on Twitter where he answered questions from fans. One fan asked him if he feels paranoid whenever he goes back to the hood, and he was brutally honest about it in his response.

“I stay on my toes I know they will kill me in the hood,” Meek elaborate. “It’s no morals involved with these streets …. most importantly I stay away from them.”

A few weeks back, Boosie Badazz issued a PSA to other rappers telling them to move out the hood and move from where they grow up if they want to survive and be free from harassment and extortion. While some rappers took the advice, others remained where they’re from in an effort to stay close to home and maintain their authenticity.

For big superstars like Meek Mill, it’s a risk they take residing in the hood or even going back there without heavily armed security. The Philly rapper lives in a more upscale part of Philly and has houses in other parts of the country like Los Angeles, to avoid putting himself at risk. Rest in peace Nipsey Hussle.