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Jhené Aiko Appears To Drop Big Sean Diss Track “Triggered”

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko

Jhené Aiko appears to take some shots at her ex-boyfriend Big Sean in a new diss track “Triggered (Freestyle).”

After posting a telling message on her social media, Jhene Aiko surprised us with a new single “Triggered (Freestyle).” The track is raw, emotional, and fierce, makes you just want more of this type of Jhené. Ever since her split with Big Sean, we’ve hardly got any new music from the both of them. Not to mention that there may never be another Twenty88 album, but for now, it appears that they’re both working on upcoming solo projects.

The lyrics for the track is what caught everyone off guard. “Go figure / You were the trigger / You brought me to an obstructed view / When you knew the picture was bigger / Who am I kiddin’? / Knew from the beginning / You’d ruin everything, you do it every time / You are my enemy, you are no friend of mind, muh****er,” Jhene Aiko sings.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean have never publicly addressed their breakup. Last month was the closest thing to a statement we ever got from either party when the R&B singer told BS that she loves him to eternity.

“You know all of my bad habits / You know it’s hard for me to control that sh*t, man / ‘Cause when I get mad, I get big mad / Should have never did that, get back / ‘Bout to feel the wrath of a menace,” she sings.

Moments before she dropped the new single, Aiko posted a message on her IG and Twitter page telling her fans what has been going on with her mentally. “One night I was so deep in my feelings, I was afraid of what I might do,” the singer said. “I didn’t want to revert to the same bad habits that have set me back time and time again. I realized that instead of running away from my emotions…I needed to sit with them, express myself and say whatever came to mind. It was healing to say the least…and now I feel a bit more free.”