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Tyga Could Lose Shiny $500K Chain In Lawsuit From Promoter

Tyga could lose his shiny new $500,000 chain in a new lawsuit filed by a promoter.

Last week, T-Raww showcased his priciest chain yet, a massive custom made piece done by famed jeweler Ben Baller. Fast forward to this week, and he is learning that a promoter is gunning for the chain in a new lawsuit. It turns out that Tyga is on the hook for $111,000 which was awarded because he failed to respond to a lawsuit filed by Z Entertainment.

The suit stemmed from a failed show at Body English in Las Vegas back in 2015. TMZ reported that Z Entertainment booked the rapper to performed at the event and as a result he was barred from performing anywhere else in Las Vegas a week before the planned event and a month afterward. The lawsuit claimed that Tyga performed at another event on the night before the gig and as a result of that performance, Z Entertainment is claiming that they lost money because some fans had already seen him.

The company filed a lawsuit and Tyga did not respond to it, so a judge handed down a default judgment of $111,000.

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Who just dropped $500,000 on a custom diamond Ben Baller chain? Tyga … TYGAAAA???? Yes. Tyga. Some of the highlights: I set pear shaped solitaire VVS clarity diamonds in the halo of St Michael. I added baguettes to the feathers of his wings and even baguette diamonds on his sword. I even iced out the sides of his custom 1 of a kind Cuban link(I made the links with 2 different sized diamonds with the big diamonds having a pavé set border) The devil being stepped on represents satan aka the haters have been defeated and also specifies that @tyga had the biggest comeback of 2018 ?? #Tyga even copped matching pieces for his team. You know who to hit when it comes to making custom genuine fine jewelry. @ifandco NO CVD or HPHT or CE diamonds ever. #IFANDCO or nothing at all ?

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The promoter now wants law enforcement to enter Tyga’s home and take his valuables including his new $500K chain from Ben Baller. The rapper also recently bought a new Rolls-Royce and a Lamborghini.