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Floyd Mayweather Responds To T.I. Diss Track Calls Him “Deadbeat Father and Unfaithful Husband”

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has clapped back at T.I. who dropped a diss track on Thursday.

The boxing legend posted a lengthy response on Instagram explaining why he chose not to boycott Gucci and suggest that celebrities are taking part in a fake outraged to sell music. In his riveting letter, Floyd Mayweather suggested that T.I. is a deadbeat dad who cheats on his wife and labeled the Grand Hustle rapper as one of the primary contributors of the destruction of black people.

“These same celebrities are proud deadbeat fathers and unfaithful husbands using their platforms to rally the troops against luxury brands yet, have been the prime contributors of influencing the destruction of our people by way of their musical content rid imagery,” Mayweather wrote. “Should we boycott their music and record labels as well or do we learn to communicate and bring solutions to the problems we’re facing as a whole?”

The boxer continues by saying that throughout his career he has promoted a drug and alcohol free lifestyle, while admitted that he is a “connoisseur of fine quality and top of the line brands.”

“Unlike many of these ‘new money’ celebs, I never forget where I came from!” he wrote.

“These people are playing hopscotch,” Floyd Mayweather wrote in the caption. “First, they’re supposedly boycotting the NFL but as soon as the Super Bowl came around, they were either at the game, watching it on TV or throwing Super Bowl parties. Last week, it was R Kelly, this week it’s Gucci. People boycott for trend but turn around and still shop at H&M and watch the NFL.”

This lengthy message comes just days after Mayweather went on a shopping spree at Gucci spending thousands of dollars in the height of the public backlash against the brand over the blackface sweater.