Popcaan’s Close Friend Unruly Shagel Murdered At Deejays Home

Popcaan and Shagel

Popcaan’s close friend Unruly Shagel was murdered at the deejay’s home.

Popcaan is mourning the death of one of his close friend who was killed in a home invasion at the deejay’s mansion in Kingston. The details surrounding Shagel’s killing is still sketchy, but sources inside the Unruly camp told Urban Islandz that he is the caretaker of Popcaan’s property while the deejay is overseas touring. We’re told that a group of men broke into the home on Thursday and stabbed Shagel to death.

“He was a good youth and very close with Popcaan they know each other from childhood so they are very close,” sources told us. We’re told that his killers took some valuables from the dancehall star’s home including jewelry and cash. Police are actively investigating the incident as a robbery/murder.

Popcaan, who is currently in the UK touring, has since shared his reaction on Instagram and you can tell that he is in pain over the news. “All you ever want to see me do is win, all I ever want to see you do is win,” Poppy wrote. “This youth is one the realest and most loyal person I’ve ever met, he show respect to everyone so I don’t know why this happen to you, but god knows everything bredda. I never expected to be where I am and get this news about you famo god know me feel it youth.”

Popcaan sings about Shagel in his mega-hit single “Family” a fete he only reserves for the people extremely close to him.

R.I.P. Shagel.