Aidonia Drops Two New Singles This Weekend “Finessing” and “Big Baller”

Aidonia drops two new singles this weekend, “Finessing” and “Big Baller (Benzema).”

Aidonia is back on dancehall airwaves with a bang. After bragging about his expense lifestyle in “Big Baller,” the 4th Genna leader drops a second single bragging about his stacks of cash and finessing the ladies. “When yo see the lime green Balenciaga refreshing, me a no the salad me a the dressing, give thanks everyday fi me see blessings, In a gal thing me a the legend, me no f*** no gal weh belong to me bredren,” Donia spits.

Aidonia has been busy touring overseas for the greater part of the year, but now he has returned to the studio to work on his upcoming album. The deejay has been one of the leading deejays in dancehall over the past few years with a consistent supply of new music.