Shauna Chyn Explains Song “Suicide” About Rape & Prostitution, Talks Double Standard In Dancehall

Shauna Chyn

Shauna Chyn is defender her song about rape and prostitution while saying there is a double standard in dancehall.

Shauna Chyn has been getting some heat in dancehall ever since she released her new single “Suicide.” “You can’t f*** me for free, free f*** a rape,” she sings on the track. Speaking with Winford Williams on OnStage last weekend, Chyn addressed the backlash saying that folks are just nitpicking a few lines in the song and not getting the broader message.

“I think people just got the wrong opinion because they didn’t listen to the song word for word,” Chyn said. “When you’re making a song it have to have a storyline, so if they had listen the story and what it was saying then they would’ve gotten the right opinion. Now I can’t stop anybody from having their opinion, but it’s not saying about selling sex.”

“It’s about basically saying that if you’re going to be in a relationship with someone and you have to go out there go beg another man to help you do certain things, it don’t make no sense having the relationship,” she continues. “The reason why people are doing this and making it a big deal is because of the bias basically so it doesn’t really affect me really.”

Shauna Chyn added that the word “rape” was just a word she injected in the song presumably because she couldn’t find another word. She also pointed to well known male dancehall artists who have in the past said similar things in songs but didn’t get the same backlash. “Bounty Killer come out and say one jook and him give a girl KFC, I don’t see them cursing him, I see Shabba Ranks come out and say if a man want it him have to pay down on it, Terry Ganzie say whosoever will may come take the money before you lay down, it’s just because it’s a female saying it,” Chyna added.