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Meek Mill Need Some Help Finding His Milly Rock

Meek Mill

Meek Mill wants someone from Brooklyn to help him find the Milly Rock.

Meek Mill is definitely not known for his dancing skills, but perhaps that could change in his next music video. The Philly rhymer posted a video of himself on the Gram doing the famous Milly Rock dance, or should I say having trouble doing it. Meek recognized that he didn’t possess the best dancing skills and asked for help.

“Can somebody from Brooklyn please help me find my milly rock I’m from from the east coast I deserve ittttt it’s hurting my self esteem I canttttt,” he wrote. The Milly Rock dance move was created by Bed-Stuy artist 2 Milly in 2015 when it went viral online. He subsequently released a song “Milly Rock” and an accompanying music video that helped popularize the dance.

Clown stuff aside, Meek Mill is currently working on his new album due sometime this fall. He also has a rumored collaboration with Nicki Minaj sworn enemy, Cardi B, in the works. Multiple sources have confirmed that track, even though neither Meek nor Cardi has said anything about it.