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50 Cent and Ja Rule Clash Again On The Gram Over Concert

Ja Rule 50 Cnet

50 Cent and Ja Rule clash once again on the Gram, this time over a failed concert.

50 Cent, aka Kanan, always ceases every opportunity he gets to troll Ja Rule and this time it might’ve backfired as quick as he could make the post. Ja Rule posted a video clip of himself on Instagram today apologizing to his fans in Syracuse for a no-show at a concert he was booked for. Fifty repost the clip with a savage caption that caught Ruleyork’s attention.

“Only 10 tickets sold don’t nobody want to see that sh*t, you talking about wait we get a lot a people on the walk up. Get the f**k outta here get the strap,” 50 Cent wrote. JaRule claps back saying “S*** my d*ck with your mothers lips ni**a.”

50 Cent and JaRule regularly clash on social media in their ongoing beef. Sometimes I feel like this is all a publicity stunt on Fifty’s part to drum up support for the many projects that he is involved in.

Fifty posted another clip of himself boarding his private jet while clowning Ja Rule. “Yo am sorry the show got canceled in Syracuse, am leaving the show right now,” 50 Cent said. “Oh man I just miss the plan am in my Uber and I just want to apologize to all my fans in Syracuse, thank you.”