Labba Labba Feared Dead, Is Someone Trying To Frame Beenie Man For Murder?

Labba Labba and Beenie Man photo

Labba Labba is feared dead, but is someone trying to frame Beenie Man for murder?

Social media is abuzz with murmurs that legendary dancehall dancer Labba Labba might be dead. Almost everyone who commented about the reports has mentioned Beenie Man name. Sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that Labba has gone missing for over a week now and no one, including family and friends, have seen or heard from him since. Some folks suggested that he might’ve left Kingston and went into the country because he felt like his life is in danger since making that damning allegation about Beenie being responsible for Bogle’s murder.

Let’s hope that the retired dancer will be found safe and returned to his home where he hopefully can live in peace, because if he is killed nothing good can become of that, even for Beenie who more than likely could care less for Labba Labba. After all, he has a kid on the way and a baby mama to worry about.

The dancer released a video three weeks ago apologizing to Beenie Man and others whose names he mentioned as responsible for Bogle’s killing. Labba said he was drunk off Hennessy when he made the accusations and that he does not know anything about the unsolved murder. In the clip, he looked a bit shaken like someone may have threatened his life, and not long after that, he went missing.

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Beenie Man has maintained that he has nothing to do with Bogle’s murder and in fact, he famously offered a million dollar reward to anyone who can help find the dancer’s killer. Police never solved the death of Bogle, and over a decade later Beenie’s name is still being stained with the allegations.

As for Labba Labba, let’s all hope that is he is alive and well, but several folks are actively looking for him.