Khago Blast Tifa For Calling Out Shenseea and Bias In Dancehall

Khago and Tifa

Khago has thrown his voice into the ring and launched fiery takedown of Tifa.

Female dancehall deejay Tifa has been crying foul on what she calls a blatant bias in dancehall and industry personnel buying out the business. According to the “Jealous Over” deejay, she is strongly considering retiring from dancehall because the music business is being overrun by artists and their managers buying out air plays and paying disc jockeys not to play her music. While she didn’t name Romeich Major and Shenseea by name, fingers are pointing in that direction.

Khago gave us his side of the story this week, and he went in. “Thief never love to thief carry long bag and it’s this morning I really see it,” the “Nah Sell Out” deejay said. “Yes Ms. Tifa a you me a talk to right now. You’re just upset say the driver seat weh you did sit down in a, Shenseea sit down in a it now. You forget say every year you win Youth View Awards when a Lady Saw them should’ve won it, and Macka Diamond, and Spice. You accepted the people them award gladly, so now that you balling bring them back or mash them up sadly.”

Khago admitted that a lot of what Tifa is complaining about is indeed true, but added that she benefited from the same type of buying out of dancehall in the heights of her career. “We accept say ninety percent of the things that your talking is true,” Khago continues. “When those people that was in the industry did a manage you Tifa, you took everyone of the Youth View Award them and even we ourselves were saying ‘what Tifa a do to get so much awards,’ Tifa a the same thing a happen to Shenseea right now.”

Khago also called out I-Octane in his rant about Tifa. Watch the video clips below.