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Power’s Michael Rainey Jr. Talks His Jamaican Roots

Michael Rainey Jr

Power star Michael Rainey Jr. sat down for a candid interview OnStage where he opened up about his Jamaican roots.

A few weeks ago the popular Power actor touched down in Jamaica where he applied for his Jamaican citizenship. His Jamaican lineage came from his mother’s side. She was born on the island but immigrated to the United States when she was 12 years. Michael Rainey Jr. revealed that he is in the island very often because his mother’s side of his family still have a house in Jamrock and he flew down this summer to chill and do some charity work.

“I am here just to enjoy myself, my family has a house here, and am also here to do a charity for multiple house,” Rainey Jr said. The actor noted that despite being born in America, he grew up very much a Jamaican and he is also recognized in Hollywood as the Jamaican kid.

Michael Rainey Jr., who is now 17 years old, says he started acting at the age of nine and since then he has been a part of a wide selection of films and TV shows. He also spoke about his character Tariq in Power and what lessons can kids and parents can learn from the TV show.