DJ Envy Explains Why He Checked Desus and Mero On The Breakfast Club

DJ Envy had to check Desus and Mero and then walked out of the interview on The Breakfast Club on Thursday and here is why.

So Envy has been wanting to confront the comedians for a while now for disrespecting his wife on their show on Viceland and he got the opportunity to do it when they appeared on The Breakfast Club. The duo made a joke about DJ Envy’s wife, Gia Casey, only stays with him because of his money. Of course, you know about that infamous episode of him cheating on her with Erica Mena.

DJ Envy spoke to TMZ after the incident where he explained why he came at them so hard and stormed out the interview. “I heard it about a month ago and I was pretty upset,” he said. “They are friends of the movement and they have been on the show several times and I heard what they said about my wife and that was pretty bad. I wanted to address them publicly I felt like they disrespected my wife and they would have to apologize publicly so that’s why I did it live on the air.”

Envy added that they can always make fun of him he doesn’t care but when they come for his wife then that’s where they crossed the line. “They made fun of me which is fine but when they insinuated that my wife is only there for the checks that was the problem,” he continues. “My wife has been with me since 15 and I couldn’t believe that they could say something like that especially somebody that I consider friends and that’s why I wanted to check them.”

As to why he leaves the interview, he says he wanted them to know that he was serious and wasn’t staged. Watch the interview below.