Ding Dong and Nicky B Blocks Traffic In “Flava With A Beat” Video

Ding Dong and Nicky B is full of vibe and flavor in “Flava With A Beat” video.

Dancehall would never be the same without Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers crew and this new video prove it. The cut showcases some of the best elements of dancehall lifestyle in Jamaica from getting your haircut for a street dance later in the night to pulling up to the venue with your crew. The video showcases the cane man, the jerk chicken and fish vendors outside the venue where you can get your food and drink.

Ding Dong and Nicky B did a great job with this beat, adding some melody and that vibe that just makes you want to move your feet. The Ravers Clavers leader has been having the best time of his career with one of the biggest hits in the genre last year and kicking off this year with a slew of new dance bangers on the airwaves.