Savage Savo “Am Lucky To Be Alive From Car Crash”

Dancehall artist Savage Savo says he is lucky to be alive following a car crash in New York.

The dancehall deejay posted a video of himself inside an ambulance wearing a neck brace and bandages on his hands. “Thanks to god am alive car flipped over in the snow in NY only can say am happy to be alive,” he wrote. Some of his fans who are living in New York questioned his story. Some fans are saying there was no snow in NY over the past weekend.

Nevertheless, seems Savage is doing okay following the accident that could have ended a lot worst for him. “Still Giving thanks for not losing my life in that car accident Sunday night God has brought me through great tribulation now I appreciate everything everyone every second looking to big things always remember the little things,” Savo said. “I am Savage Savo & am still in the Game of life.”

Savage manager, Richard Roach, has since confirmed the accident telling us that the dancehall star was a passenger in the car that skidded off an icy road and overturned. Roach says his injuries were minor so now he is recovering at home.