Kodak Black Debuts New Single “Erykah Badu” [Listen]

Kodak Black had Erykah Badu on his mind when he was writing his new song inspired by the soul singer.

The track sampled the singer’s classic “On & On” single with Project Baby rapping over the beat in a fiery freestyle. Kodak Black is currently behind bars but that is not stopping him from dropping new music. In fact, this is the second track he released since his incarceration last month. He might be in a world of legal troubles but his music is still popping, after all, he needs the extra sales to pay his mounting legal fees.

Erykah Badu‘s single “On & On” is one of her most recognized tracks and there is no way that Young Kodak will top the success of that single. “This is orange, don’t say tangerine cause I will get offended / I want Actavis Promethazine, don’t want that sh*t you sippin’ / And believe me, I ain’t conceited / I’m just chillin’, I’m just livin’ / And so what if I’m conceited, that’s just me but that’s my business,” Kodak Black raps.

Listen to Kodak Black’s new song “Erykah Badu” below and get the full lyrics here.