50 Cent Taps Jeremih For New Song “Still Think Im Nothing”

50 Cent taps Jeremih for his new single “Still Think Im Nothing.”

Music hasn’t been 50 Cent’s main priority lately but ever so often he pops up with a new single such as this new joint with R&B singer Jeremih, “Still Think Im Nothing.” At the end of the day you can’t blame the New York rapper because he has achieved so much already from his musical career and now he is making waves and making bread in the television business.

Fifty first previewed the Bongo-produced single on Instagram earlier this week and let’s not forget her has been very active on social media of late trolling his enemies like Wendy Williams and Tyrese Gibson. The rapper didn’t say if this will be featured on his long awaited new album Street King Immortal or whether or not it’s a stand alone single that 50 Cent just decides to drop on his fans. There is no word from the rapper on when the album will arrive.

During his social media shindig he also previewed a new song with Gucci Mane, but he didn’t say when that song will be released. On this new song, “Still Think Im Nothing,” Jeremih delivers a smooth hook while 50 came through with two killer verses.

“I remember all the sh*t you said to me ’cause it hurt me / Then it helped me ’cause then I was down to do / The nuts in my pocket boys I / I see you with your skinny jeans, punk, with your a*s out / And I got all kind of money now,” 50 Cent raps.