Danielle D.I. “I Didn’t Start A Lyrical War With Ishawna”

Danielle D.I. says that she didn’t start a lyrical war with Ishawna, said she was merely expressing herself musically.

The “Talk Up” deejay sat down for an interview with Winford Williams OnStage last weekend where she opened up about her beef with Ishawna that has been playing out on dancehall airwaves and on social media. “First and foremost I didn’t start a lyrical war right let’s get this clear,” she said. “The media and the fans deemed it a clash and deemed it a war. First and foremost I just decided to express myself on a track.”

Danielle D.I. was the first one to release a diss track, but she is saying that the song is not a diss record, but merely an expression of whats on her mind. She also added that Ishawna has been talking bad things about her behind her back. “This specific person who this song is about, we need to get this clear because the public doesn’t know about this,” she added. “This industry it is a small industry because we share the same hairdresser, we share the same nail technicians, we share the same producers and the same dancers. So when people say stuff and been saying it for years upon years it automatically going to come back to your ears.”

D.I. says that for years Ishawna has been saying malicious things about her and now she just reached her limit. “This person has always wanted to be me throughout their entire career,” Danielle said.