Popcaan Drops New Dancehall Gangsta Anthem “El Chapo”

When Popcaan released a gritty single like this new track “El Chapo,” Alkaline is the first artist comes to mind.

Popcaan pays homage to notorious Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo with this new single while also sending a clear message to his enemies that he and his Killy will put them in the dirt. The dancehall gangsta anthem was produced by Popcaan’s go-to producer NotNice and it reminds us when these two use to team up back in their Portmore Empire days.

Popcaan knows how to make gangsta music sounds catchy with melody and punchline. “Pull up on them ends in the Honda Stream / White light just a beat like a laser beam / With the M-16 its a page mi give him / Buss him head in a the traffic everybody a see him,” the Unruly boss sings.

Some dancehall fans are saying where was this Popcaan song when he really needed it earlier this year when Alkaline released that vicious “Microwave” diss track. A lot of fans believed that he ran from the war with the Vendetta boss, but a rep for the Unruly Gang told Urban Islandz that he didn’t run but rather had different focused like his international career has been buzzing and he wanted to secure a US visa, so that feud was simply a distraction at the time.