Charly Black Apologizes After Backlash For Video Of Child Doing ‘Bike Back’

Charly Black has stepped forward to issue an apology to dancehall fans who are outraged over a video of a child doing the “bike back” dance.

Last week, Black hosted a back to school treat in his native Albert Town in Trelawny and while the gesture was well received, this one incident took away some of the good press for the dancehall star. Charly Black posted the video on his Instagram account and then later deleted it after some fans started to complain about it.

“This is inappropriate in every way possible because why are kids at street dance and why did her bring the child on stage to dance like that,” one fan wrote. Some fans were voicing their support for the deejay with one of them saying, “African kids dance like this every day, some from 3 years old though.”

Nevertheless, the backlash was loud enough for the “Bike Back” deejay to remove the video and issue an apology. We will not post the video because a minor is being portrayed in a bad light, but this is what Charly Black had to say. “As a father, I want to apologise to anybody out there that the video may have offended,” he said. “Maybe the song was inappropriate, but the child wasn’t dancing on nobody. She was at a children’s treat enjoying herself. If you watch the video, as soon as I saw what the child was doing, I took her off stage.”

Perhaps that was just a small laps from Charly Black and should not takeaway from the good deed that he did by giving away school supplies to kids in his native parish of Trelawny. I never teach her how to dance like that, and as I said, I didn’t know she was going to behave that way. As soon as I saw that’s how she was dancing, I took her off the stage,” Black added. Here is another video clip from the back to school charity event.