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Tiny Confronts T.I. About Cheating With An Employee

Both T.I. and Tiny are accusing each other of cheating but in a sneak peek of their reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, things got very real.

In the short clip released by VH1, you can see both T.I. and Tiny having dinner while discussing their divorce. The R&B singer told TIP to his face that he cheated on her with a female that she hired and that was what lead to her moving out of their family home and now getting a divorce. “For those who don’t understand, Tip had some infidelities with a girl that I hired and that girl is one of the reasons why I got my own house,” she said.

T.I. didn’t deny that but he pushed back accusing Tiny of having an affair with his arch enemy Floyd Mayweather. “You done had yo’ sh*t where you was out with this motherf***in’ dude you know I don’t f**k with,” the Hustle Gang rapper said. “You was at his house. You was in his house … The point is that you was with a dude that you know I’m at odds with.” Tiny denied that anything ever happened between herself and Mayweather. In October last year, a video surfaced online showing her and the boxing legend dancing. Sources say T.I. was furious and didn’t talk to her for weeks.