Jeremih – Poppin 2 No Panties Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Jeremih)
Bongo By The Way
I was popping fine, popping to you
Talking Orville Redenbacher to you
Getting cake, talking soccer to me
Feel bad if you an opportunist
Harlem Shake these hoes like Mase and Diddy
F**k em all, if they act sadity
Who the man when I pop in your city?
Sparkle the bottles, we got it litty
Tell the haters, blocking no-no-no
She got her man, I say so-so-so
Why my wrist look like the glow, glow, glow?
Why my neck look like the po po pos?
She brought a friend, we had our friends
Her hair and her nails cause she fancy
Her baby daddy can’t stand me
Cause she call me daddy for damny
Oh, you pop her too?
Everywhere we pop her too
Yeah bi**h, we be popping too
Your girl call me papi too
After party, popping too
It’s litty when we popping through
She pop for the pocket too
She leaving but not with you
Ain’t no

(Interlude – Girls talking Spanish)
Girl 1st: Que estás haciendo ahora?
Girl 2nd: Mm, no sé, ahora o a la noche?
Girl 1st: Es Cinco de Mayo, vamos a tomar tequila?
Girl 2nd: Hay que celebrar! Con Jeremih?
Girl 1st: Ay Jeremih!

Ayy, I don’t think they got no panties on, damn!
I said I don’t think she got no panties on, damn!

(Verse 2)
She came in here to ball out
I came in here to ball out
And I’m not one to holla if you ain’t got no dollars
It’s 21 Savage, she too bad for Montana
Can I get your number? You making ni**as call her, brr
Señorita, let’s just sit back and let’s sip slow
I ain’t felt this way before
Oh, oh you bonita señorita
I can’t just let this go
Go, just if I say must say so
Oh, see freaky girls, got em in the…world
Tried to put me on they Snap, I had to push her off my lap
Yeah, had to push her off the lap, I had to push her off my lap
And I got so many views, I had to get that a*s smacked
Listen, you call her, you dipping, we all know
You kill it, small talk, she look back, scream Dada
No panties, no problem, I’m backing how they see, yeah, them chachas
Ayy, blah blah, that a$$, that bumbum
Yeah, yeah, got a couple bad bi**hes and I had a bad week but now I’m all good
It’s Margarita Monday, shawty need a runway up on Hollywood
Yeah, yeah, oh s**t, it’s a good day, summer with the top down and we smoking wood
Yeah, she said play her favorite song, she got no panties on, I’m good

Ayy, I don’t think they got no panties on, damn!
I said I don’t think she got no panties on, damn!