Jay Z Sued For Using Roc Nation Logo How Is This Possible ?

Jay Z has a new lawsuit on his hands and one may wonder how is it even possible that he is being sued for using Roc Nation logo.

Jay Z is majority owner of Roc Nation and he has been slapping the logo on Major League Baseball apparels for sale. Turns it that he can’t legally do that because a company name Iconix Brand Group is the owner of the logo after shelling out a whopping $204 million for it, TMZ reported. This means that Iconix has total control over where the logo pops up particularly when it comes to merchandising.

Of late, Roc Nation logo has been popping up on Major League Baseball hats, hoodies, and shirts. But Iconix is not just suing Jay Z. The company is also suing the San Fransisco Giant, Lids, New Era, the MLB, and Roc Nation. They say they never approve the deal and wants a cool $10 million for it’s troubles.