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Tiara Thomas – Don’t Mention My Name [New Music]

Tiara Thomas released new single off her album Don’t Mention My Name titled “Don’t Mention My Name.” Go stream track below.

Got caught in a moment, nothing was the same
If I thought you’d notice, I’d mention your name
But you’re out of the picture, I can’t still picture the fame
But I really miss you, I put the issues to flame
I can’t, no I can’t do it, I quit
I can’t stay when you acting so righteous
I ain’t play with you f**king ni**a
Just rolling papers and lying faces on some broken bi**hes
Rolling papers and palm faking on some ugly ni**as
Look, I ain’t f**king with ya
Oh, woah

Tiara Thomas – Don’t Mention My Name Lyrics

Listen track below.