Ebro Says Remy Ma Lying About Nicki Minaj Cheating, Papoose Calls Him Out

Ebro is calling Remy Ma a liar for suggesting that Nicki Minaj cheated on her man with him. Just after the radio host made the statement on Twitter, Papoose hit back suggesting that he is elated to be name dropped on the diss track “ShETHER.”

“Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro / I might leak the footage of you sniffing them ski slopes / They gassing you up, but you been on E, though / Pills and Potions, yep, you been on E, hoe,” Remy Ma raps on the gritty diss track (full lyrics on Urban

The Hot 97 Radio host took to Twitter this morning to clear up the rumors. “Remy knows she’s lying… matter of fact the dude that told her that bullsh*t, she knows is a nerd! These nerd as dudes always worried,” Ebro tweeted. He also added that the song is straight fire writing “Now this Remy record is f**king flames tho… ya’ll wanted beef, so here we go.”

Remy Ma husband Papoose hit back saying that Ebro was all too happy when he sent him a text earlier that morning. “@oldmanebro You just texted me happy as hell that Remy said it …now she lying? ? Sit down bruh,” Papoose tweeted.