Nicki Minaj Light Up A Spliff And Remind Us She Is Back

Nicki Minaj just posted a photo of herself lighting up a spliff and again she is reminding us that she is back with all her glory. “Hair dresser from Trinidad, dats da #MonsterDo,” she wrote on the pic.

Yesterday she posted a semi-nude pic of herself and her fans went wild liking it almost a million times. One thing is for certain about Nicki Minaj these days is that she look a lot happier than she was for the last couple months. It’s almost like she was just freed from captivity and is now free to be her old self.

There was a period of time when we were all wondering where is Nicki Minaj and what is she up to. Sometimes she would go for weeks without updating her fans on social media, but now its becoming a daily ritual for her millions of loyal followers to get their daily fix from the head barb.

The Young Money rapper is currently working on her new album and recently reconciled with Drake and Gucci Mane, while hinting that she might be recording new music with them. There is still no word yet on when that new project will arrive.

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