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Listen Mavado New Song “Belt Buckle” Unconfirmed Popcaan Diss

Mavado is beating his competition with his “Belt Buckle.” The unconfirmed Popcaan diss track was produced by Chimney Records and is already attracting great reviews among hardcore dancehall fans.

The Mavado and Popcaan lyrical feud is long over with the Gully Gad the clear victor, but that doesn’t mean shots are not being thrown from both sides. “Them think a smile man a greet them wid / But a belt buckle man a beet them wid / Lickle pitney them must a think them big / But a belt buckle man a beat them wid,” Mavado sings.

In another line The Gullyside singjay touches on when Popcaan famously waved the white flag and quite their beef just as it was getting heated. “If a no black flag a wave then a white / If yo can’t manage war yo fi stay out a fight / A funeral keep after nine night / If yo can’t manage war yo fi stay out a fight,” the dancehall singjay sings. This track is a followup of the sort to Vado’s September 2016 single “Beat and Teach.”

Popcaan also previewed a new diss track of his own rumored to be his response to Alkaline after a month.