Kanye West and Drake Boycotting The 2017 Grammys

Kanye West and Drake will not be at the 2017 Grammy Awards. We know why Drizzy won’t be in attendance, but Ye is simply just not going.

The two rap titans are not the only big names in music that won’t be in attendance. TMZ reported that Justin Bieber and Frank Ocean are also staying home for this year’s ceremony. Ocean has been protesting the Grammys since dropping his Blonde album last summer and didn’t even bother submitting to the Recording Academy for consideration.

Drake receives 8 nominations this year but he is currently in Europe for his Boy Meets World Tour and will unlikely fly back to the U.S. for the night. Kanye West is simply boycotting the awards because he is saying that the system is broken. Ye has been awards 21 Grammys over his career but complains that he always lost when he goes up against a white artist.

The Grammys is like 12 days away so of course some of these artists may changed their minds and attend. However, it seems like there is a general resentment for the Grammys right now especially among younger artists who feels like the Academy is out of touch and needs to get with the program.