Teflon Blast New Dancehall Acts Calling Them A Joke

Teflon is not happy about the current batch of dancehall acts calling them a joke.

The reggae/dancehall singjay’s statement is winning over the support of some fans on social media. Speaking with the Observer last weekend, Teflon says that he wants to be the new voice to help preserve the genre from being overrun by gimmicks.

“I am going to be that voice of truth within dancehall because is crazy facade, lying and tricks going on in the industry now,” the singer said. “The Almighty had to preserve someone like I to return to remind the people that listen why this music is loved worldwide, because it was always about substance over hype…So it wasn’t about bleaching, tattoos, climbing tower, wearing contact lens, etc.”

Over the last couple of years a handful of dancehall artists have used shock-value to gain attention to their career. Vybz Kartel famously bleached and tattoo his skin, but now he is widely regarded as one of the geniuses of dancehall. Alkaline famously tattoo his eyeball, or most recently he was rumored to be wearing contact lenses. Other artists have gone as far as to surgically implant goat horns on their heads and get face tattoos.