T.I. Issued An Apology To Barrack and Michelle Obama

T.I. has issued a lengthy apology to President Barrack Obama and Firs Lady Michelle Obama for not doing enough to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

The hip hop community is still reacting to the stunning upset on Tuesday night in an historic U.S. election. Donald Trump defied in the odds in a Brexit type result to rise to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world. But more than half of the country is not happy since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

T.I., who initially was a strong critics of Hillary, took to Instagram to pen an apology message to the Obamas. “We sorry guys…I swear on my life, If I could’ve done more I would’ve,” he wrote. We all deserve better. We just gotta live through this&prepare ourselves for what’s next. We appreciate what you guys tried to do for US ALL as a nation. Unfortunately we weren’t ALL ready for the change you wanted to bring about. Still, we love you & appreciate you for the HOPE your gave our community. We’ll miss y’all!!!! But Unfortunately, it seems like we’ve been brought back to a worse place than we were in before. In your honor we’ll remain honorable,respectable & continue to strive for greatness. I’ll never let our dream die!!! WE CAN STILL DO IT.”