Bounty Killer & Kunley Features In Nike Ad

Three years ago Kunley of Ward 21 produced a song for Bounty Killer “Season of the Year” and a year later pop star Santigold sampled the track for her hit single “Kicking Down Doors.”

Seems now Kunley is reaping more rewards from his labor after Nike featured the cut in one of their new ads. “I am delighted because this is the dancehall general that we are talking about, and this means a piece of dancehall has gone into the world,” Kunley said. “We have paid on the back end of the Nike ad through publishing and stuff like that. The revenue streams have changed since CDs were created and so samples and ads benefit producers largely.”

Kunley is using the experience to encourage other producers to spend time and put out quality music. “Make sure your thing sound good and you learn from people because music is a worldwide language,” he added.

Ward 21 currently has a new EP out name “Power Surge.” The group will be going on tour in Europe this fall to support their new body of work.