Chris Brown Gun Case D.A. To Drop Charges As Investigation Hit Dead End

Chris Brown could have one less legal trouble soon as the Los Angeles District Attorney move to dismiss his gun charges.

Sources are saying that the investigation has hit a dead end and although cops were given more time to come up with more evidence seems they can’t. TMZ reported that the D.A. is unimpressed with the evidence so far and gave cops an additional two weeks to come up with something more.

Late August, Chris Brown was involved in a lengthy standoff with cops at his Tarzana after model Baylee Curran filed a police report claiming that he pulled a gun on her over a heated argument. Brown and his laywer has maintained that she was lying and even had text message evidence to backup their claim. Police initially reported that they found drugs and two guns in a duffle bag that the singer threw out the window.

Paparazzi caught up with singer last night while he was heading for dinner with a few of his friends and asked him about the case and he seems pretty confident that the D.A. has no case against him.