H.E.R. – Losing | New Music | Stream

H.E.R. is getting allot of buzz since her appearance on the music scene. Her new EP been getting allot of attention at 1 on iTunes R&B/Soul chart. Go stream new track off her album H.E.R., Vol. 1 titled “Losing.”

H.E.R. is a bit of a mysterious new singer on the block with her unique sound and flavor of modern R&B music. She is signed to RCA Records and is currently working on her new album. The label promises that we will be hearing a lot more from her so possibly she could be dropping her debut album sometime soon.

Check out the full track and lyrics below.

My ambition is attractive
My aggression isn’t passive
I promise with you
The butterflies in my stomach are active
They’re dancing, I’m feeling static

H.E.R. – Losing Lyrics

Listen track below.