‘Just Because’ Joe Budden Diss Drake AGAIN

Seems every weekend Joe Budden has a new Drake diss track. The Slaughterhouse emcee put together another diss song aimed at Drizzy “Just Because.”

Budden has already unleashed his anger at Drake over the past few weekends with tracks such as “Making a Murderer Pt. 1,” “Wake,” and “Afraid.” But seems there is no end to the list of Drake diss songs with “Just Because” being the latest.

He compared the beef between them as father and son having a fight. “We not enemies / He just gotta bar up now / I’m still on ‘Energy,’ let’s see if he ‘Charged Up’ now,” he raps.

Drake responded to Joe Budden on a few lines on French Montana new single “No Shopping” describing the NJ rapper as a one hit wonder. “I’m not a one-hit wonder, they know all my stuff / You let me turn into the ni**a that you almost was / I done seen a lot of sh*t and I done been in things, and I never started nothing I just finish things,” Drake raps.

Drizzy also took a few shots at Budden during his Summer Sixteen concert in Dallas earlier this week.

Either of the two rappers have ever spoken publicly about the origin of their beef but Budden seems to start taking a dislike to Drake after the single “4PM In Calabasas” was released a few months ago.