Joe Budden Says Drake Need To Be Humble

Drake and Joe Budden 2012

Joe Budden making it seems like he is still a Drake fan despite dissing the Toronto emcee in two different diss tracks.

The beef between the two rappers have been one sided so far given that Drake has not responded to Budden. But the New Jersey emcee is saying that he is simply trying to remind Drizzy about where he is coming from.

Joe Budden Mocking Meek Mill ‘You Don’t Rap Well’

“The MC’s tho kid, they’ll always be for the culture, we’ll support & champion you as you continue to push the needle and move the genre forward to newly discovered heights, real MC’s can never hate you, we’ll always want tomorrow to be better than yesterday, I see u as that “tomorrow,” the Slaughterhouse emcee said. “I’m proud of that, for I know you’re 1 of us deep down, success never changes that, ask Em & Hov…. But the second your arrogance gets the better of you and you start to believe you’re above the very cloth you’re cut from, the cloth that changed life for your entire lineage, the MC’s will be there to remind you, success or not.”

Joe Budden also diss Meek Mill and Jay Z on his single “Making a Murderer Pt 1.” He also released a new diss song “Wake” directed towards Drake this week.