Nipsey Hussle – One Hunnit Lyrics

Been through everything, see it on our faces
Go against the grain, 100 rounds waiting
Been around the world, hustle all places
But that 85 Cutlass is my foundation
Slausen Ave ni**a, but my hoes laces
Palisades bi**hes, let me showcase you
Drive down the block, see my bro’s faces
Keep it 100 ni**a, no faking
Keep it 100 ni**a, no faking
Keep it 100 ni**a, no faking

Balling for real, I’m talking big money
$100,000 a show but that’s my rent money
$4000 a pound but that’s my smoke budget
F**k it off at the mall that’s cause these hoes love it
I’ve been balling for a minute
I’ma grind, that’s my motto till I get it
Full time, if you follow my commitment
You’ll shine ni**a, that’s a promise man could kill it
Afghanistan in my shoe, dynasty in my vision
Built this s**t up from nothing, congratulations you did it
I’m valet with a bi**h and we at the Beverly Center
Sunlight hit them VVS Rolex make a prism, glitter
On her face, two C’s on her waist
Gold spikes on her heels
Purse match, she for real
Meet basic, famous and naked
Black sacks 15, prolly playing blue laces in the six
Bi**hes that strip falling for the Crip
She want me for my money, I tell her such my rich
Make her f**k the clique
Then I lace my Chucks and split
I’ma RSC for real and I ain’t never loved a bi**h ni**a
Got money but I’m never one to switch
Live life under pressure but I never bust an itch
And real ni**a be like Hussle do your s**t
Hoes ask me if I ever was a pimp
What you think?

(Repeat Chorus)