G-Eazy Featuring Playne James – So Much Better Lyrics

It’s Track or Die

(Chorus – Playne James)
Look at your life… Uh!
Look at your life…
Look at your life… Yeah!
It could be so much better
Man, it could be so much better..Yeah, Uh!

(Verse 1 – G-Eazy)
It’s like your afraid of success
Afraid of achieving your best
Most of the worlds always reaching
On the contrary, it feels like your reaching for less
So it would seem
Your ex-used to lead you to stress
I’m just trying to treat you the best
Cause you could do better
Trust me, think we can attest
Life can be beautiful, blessed
No disrespect, no offense
I know how this might sound
But I think you’re too comfortable in your hometown
Get around, see you some things
Leave them f**k-boys and come chill with some kings
Yadadamean, For instance
Consider the difference
Like just take a glance at the distance
Distance between how you living and who you could be
Come f**k with me, let’s move with the quickness

(Chorus – Playne James)
Look at your life…Yeah!
Look at your life
Look at your life
It could be so much better
Man, it could be so much better
Look at your life
It could be so much better
So much better
Without these f**k ass ni**as

(Verse 2 – G-Eazy)
Well, Uh
Maybe, maybe not
I know this got too crazy hot
They all want the life, the conveyance Jay-z got
But don’t see, that they did a lot
Same s**t back then, it’s the same sh*t today
Listen, F**k you want me to say?
Yeah, we could have been
But you wasn’t changing your way
Afraid to leave home, so you stayed in the Bay
So you went to SF State
Then got you a job you hate
But you want a home to domesticate
But working those hours, its hard to date
If you’re mad at me, I’ma let you hate
I still got love for you though, get that straight
Want me to come back, I’ma let you wait
But would you be ready? I bet you ain’t
I bet you ain’t

(Repeat Chorus)