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G-Eazy Featuring Jeremih – Saw It Coming [New Music]

G-Eazy & Jeremih teamed up and “Saw It Coming,” off the album Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), produced by Ali Payami.

Yeah, my whole life I’ve been written off
Like a sick kid who’s spitting cough
Now it’s all changed I blew up, I’m lifting off
The whole time I just been cut from different cloth
This is Cashmere, is that clear?
Catching paper cuts from the paper I’ve counted the past year
A monster, a beast, except I’m nastier
Swift you need a favor? Then put your cash here
From the wood works now they all call
But I’m in a different league, they’re playing small ball
I ball through the summer, the winter and all fall
So if they never saw it coming, I’m telling them all, nah

G-Eazy Featuring Jeremih – Saw It Coming Lyrics

Listen track below.

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