Shy Glizzy – Real Ni**a Lyrics

(Chorus – Shy Glizzy)
They don’t chill the place where all the real ni**as go
Well I’m still f**king hoes and rocking all this damn gold
One day a pu**y ni**a might wake up and feel bold
That’s why you got to show them how a real ni**a go
That’s why you gotta stunt just like a real ni**a though
And all she want to do is a f**k a real ni**a though
And they gonna show you love just a real ni**a though
That’s why you got to show them how a real ni**a go

(Verse 1 – Shy Glizzy)
1992 a gangsta met a bad bi**h
And what they f**k they do?
They made a f**king savage
Ain’t know that I would make it
But I wasn’t average
Even if I had to take it
I was gonna be mad rich
I got some business and ni**as started tripping
Cut off some friendships
And I ran up my digits
Stop talking bulls**t
You know I kick my pimping
Yeah I got a twin bi**h
You ever f**k some twins bi**h?
2016 we the f**king dream team
AR-15’s it’s the f**king beam team
I’m from a small city but I had some big dreams
Stayed down, stacked that paper
Now I’m doing big things

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Shy Glizzy)
Catch me in the city ni**a
Rain, sleet, or snow
Still ain’t met a ni**a say he got it for the low
I sent your hoe a DM now she on the top floor
Ain’t too many ni**as round
Thats why a copped a two door
They trying to jock my swagger so I’m switching up the flow
I should’ve been your stylist
Who be picking out your clothes
She came back from the bathroom
She was twitching at her nose
Told her time to get the the dough
She say she think that’s very dope
I touch down in your city and I’m f**king up them bands
You f**king with that bi**h and she be f**king with your mans
Don’t really drink no more but Imma pour a four for Yams
Pour a four for Yams
Im going pour up four for Yams

(Repeat Chorus)