Chris Brown ft. Kevin Gates, OHB, Young Lo & Young Blacc – Socialize Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Chris Brown)
Yeah, look, acting arcedinic when a ni**a in your city
Fame going to her head, think for worrying bout them titties
And I don’t pillow talk with a hoe, that’s a no no
In the morning, shaveroom, she be telling all your business
And now I got a couple chickens that I’m flying out the coop
Got some ni**as that can fight, got some killers that can shoot
And bi**hes all on my gram, I’m trying make 100 million
Got bi**hes on top of bi**hes, I’m stacking em to the ceiling
Always a ni**a tryna hate on me
And every time we pull a burner on em, they want peace
Bad bi**hes see the ice, they wanna skate on me
I hit the G with my D, now she won’t leave
But I don’t trip, I just let her stay and sip codeine
You know she can give me head but she can’t smoke my weed
In that penthouse suite, I’m the man with the models
And we don’t f**k with you ni**a, we know you telling your partners

(Chorus – Chris Brown)
We always fussing and arguing, then we kiss and make up
And every time I go out with my homies, I’mma have the party lit, going way up
But why you acting so surprised? I gave you my heart, girl I put it right in front of you
Socialize, now we in the club tryna socialize

(Verse 2)
Look, look, now these bi**hes wanna show’s up
Cause they see me on the road and I’m jolled up
And all these bi**hes on my line like they know us
But I don’t want that pu**y, I’mma let the crew f**k you up
She so with it, my bi**h bad, she gon get it
Her lil sister, she thick now, get those digits
This money coming so quick now, need more spinach
We turn a bi**h to a bust down if Chris hit it
And I ain’t never bout to save no bi**h
But if she bringing back money, we gon all get rich
I need a new whip, new chain, talking bout the rap game
Keep the bi**h tip toes down, I’m speaking facts mane
And you ain’t never bout to break my ni**as
And all this money, I’m about to fresh to death my bi**h
This the west coast, trap game, hit em on the crack cane
Spending young money and s**t, call me Mack Maine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Look, fore she used to be a solid bi**h, but now she f**king with my tolerance
Like I ain’t the ni**a that’s bringing dollars in
Took me from that regular life to living extravagant
Now you wanna flex on a ni**a like you the baddest bi**h
OHB, that’s out of here bi**h, I got some new freaks
Porsche 9/11, sitting pretty on the new feet
Two get f**ked for an hour then let the crew skeet
Cruising, got 4 on the way while I got 2 suites
Black ni**a in white linen with white women
And I ain’t tripping, I like women that like women
Ooh baby, they all losing be like women
If I kill the pu**y baby, that’s a life sentence
Praying light, that’s night vision
High-Tec, yeah I like sipping
Sold dope for them gold ropes, I like pitching
Whipping the block in 4 pots, this my kitchen, f**k with us

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
Big buck, bi**h teeth crooked, and I ain’t let her f**k
I ain’t paying for the Uber, never told her that I love her
Kick her out man, every night she go and get her brother
Locked up with the reds, you know she watch a ni**a f**k
Dog, I go hard, I am already a boss
On the plane slinging Rolls, I am already a boss
I be solo in the game, I be whipping up a Range
Name’s holy wait, kick and fly conversation
Don’t complain in the game, I ain’t doing no complaining
He don’t wanna front it, I’mma take it when I’m aiming
Move real cool, handle business like a gangster
Shoes on the bed, that’s a lion to the jags
I be working out, wearing slay ups doing reps
Like the bench press, kill and stand on your chest
No one came in, flip for another set
She recertified, real ni**a whip the stack

(Repeat Chorus)