Audio Push ft. Arsonal Da Rebel – Murda Lyrics

(Intro – Arsonal)
I just feel like we gotta go in
Y’all got the right ni**a for the job this time
Oh, we snapping on this s**t

(Verse 1 – Arsonal)
Arsonal uh
A young ni**a from the Eastside, me
I’m certified, I don’t need I-D
F**k a hater I’ll see him later
He gon need a favor and a long run
F**k a cop, I keep a chopper that’s a long gun
Hop grinding way before the
Know it’s a hit way before we record one
I’m on 1, 2, 3, 4
Blunts out the face I’mma need 3 more
I started flexing as a younging I was getting money
I was selling weed, all the bi**hes love me
Trouble with the law, started getting ugly
Scamming with my homie just to get some money
Grew up in the trenches, I had good intentions
Want it done right? then you should do the bidness
I don’t trust ni**as, I get too suspicious
Crack on the stove and make mama do the dishes
F**king up the China, gotta look behind ya
Hollow tips inside ya, just a brief reminder
I’m from a city where daughters sell vagina
Cops are shooting minors, all these ni**as liars
Apologize now ni**a, pardon your looks
DL all my s**t off on iTunes
I’m out here giving all my audio push
They got me motivated
If they say I’m the best then don’t debate it
Success is overrated, bidness is best negotiated
So let’s associate it with death, I know they hate it
His flesh exfoliated, what happened?
The tech, a phony ate it with passion
I was working long days they was napping
I struggle, I was crying they was laughing
3 mill for a deal
I don’t want a hundred thousand playing Madden
Took all my chips and cashed in
But thanks for asking
Let a ni**a try me like they don’t know who I be
I’m me, I’m G, hit the homies out in I.E
One word, body
Hominy that’s a murda

(Chorus – Price)
That’s a murda
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm that’s a murda
Murda murda yeah
Murda murda murda
Damn, murda murda yeah
Like they never heard it

(Verse 2 – Price)
Understand I got God with me, so the evils can never hurt me
I.E. you see it on my jersey
I just call up Ars when I’m out in Jersey
Tell em I need a white girl that look like Fergie
Shaved kitties, I don’t do em furry
Make a running money in a hurry
Solo on these missions cause these ni**as scurry
Mama said to trust in what the reverend say
I look at my skin and see a better way
Young black king, they ain’t never say that people my color was running Heaven gates
I got two phones, no Kevin Gates
One for bad times, one for better days
I don’t answer the one for bad times cause I need good vibes around me all seven days
I got bad bi**hes on my resume
I hit the booth and try to go ahead of Jay, ahead of Ye
Ahead of Gandhi, ahead of myself yesterday
I don’t see no better way
If it’s mula that’ll be made till Saturday
I’ll be there on the dot, I ain’t never late
I won’t sign by the dotted unless the bread is stacked up like wedding cakes
Gotta set it straight
I know ni**as from Grape like Lil Lay
I got stocks from the Benz, no never scrape
Really scrapped in these streets, we ain’t grow the same
Lost homies to this beef, you don’t know the pain
Price and S.Dot on the beat, you know a thing
And I’m Price by the way, so you know the name
From summer to winter, spring to fall, heat, snow or rain
I got the West on my shoulders mane
Yeah, you know that’s a murda

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Oktane)
Make some room for the young legends
I ain’t come in here to come second
Done playing, done stressing
No question, best dressed young veteran
All the drug sellers drug users now
Game of the new dealer, pure dope
Seen us, pure smoke
West West, inhale, chest press light up two J’s and I’m hot now
Uhh, I could probably
I’mma make em stop playing with us
Uhh, not now ni**a right now
Cause all we need it was God to win
Hustle with your a*s since I was 10
Muscle what you see since I walked in
So how the f**k you think it’s bout to end?
Ooh-ooh sit down I roll up
Life too fast, slow up, okay no
You know what? Okay go
Back to bidness after this I open up and answer questions
What the f**k you want and why the f**k you want it?
Why I’m cussing? One I’m zonin’ and I’m…every single known opponent
There’s no comparing us
The f**k you starin’ at?
Eating faces off, I see back to back
No consecutively, I mean back to back
Eating faces off, nothing after that
That’s amazing dawg
What the f**k is up?
I don’t even breathe
Going up and
If I cuss again I’m only cussing once
No one in the rap game could f**k with us
Stone Junction out right now, go get