The Game and Stitches Beef: Rapper Got Beat Up Twice

The Game and Stitches are still beefing. Last week the Compton rapper’s manager, Wack 100, knocked out Stitches with a s*cker punch.

The incident took place on Thursday night outside Story nightclub where The Game and his crew were partying. Stitches posted the video on social media of himself outside the club complaining that The Game told security not to let him inside.

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looked like Stitches waited outside the club and when The Game came out it was on. TMZ posted a video showing him getting punched in the face and falling to the ground. Cops came up and tased Wack 100. Both of them were arrested.

This is what The Game wrote on his Instagram page right after the incident.

“Stitches need stitches aye @Wack100 young boy got a f***in glass jaw….. Boy was out cold for about 45 seconds after that coldddddd right…. Tried to get up, fell back down……. This yo city ??? Naw… This a Zoe city… Now post a video of that lip so the world can see & don’t wait two weeks to show yo face or give us no old pics…. We ain’t buying it.”

The Game also posted a video of himself making fun of Stitches and offered him some advice.

“Advice for that boy lip: don’t eat spicy food, as it may burn severely during the healing process… #ThankMeLater more advice: Stop saying “N***A” you’re white… & other African American rap crews might take offense & whoop that a too.”