Turbulence – Done Wid Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Da bwoy deh rape the likkle girl and feel that everything si fine
It nuh fine, hi way out of line

And you flip the baby throat and feel that everything is cool
The fire cyaa cool

Hey the price dem higher than a satellite
Hungry a sing in a wi ears just like the scatter light
Police dem naw treat the ghetto youth dem proper like
No waan dem rifle, waan the ghetto youth dem back a

But dem days deh done wid, hi done wid
A just equal rights the ghetto youth dem a run wid
Hi done wid, hi done wid

Yo false doctrine yo cyaa trick mi daughter and mi son wid
Done wid, hi done wid
Blood out corruption, mi woman alone mi having fun wid
Done wid, hey hi done wid

(Verse 2)
Mi dash the lightening
Oziah seh a man without a……is like a tree without a root
Remember where yo coming from am telling you the truth
Keep yo temple clean
Black, gold and green
Know yo Nazarene
Tell dem a roots wine over blute
Bleach in yo menuining and think a nuh anything
Mi haffi dash the fire pon the bleacher
Dem seh dem nuh like mi cause mi burn up everything
Tell dem mi name Turbulence the future
All the one dem weh a dis dem mother
And a push up dem gyal hey
And all the bwoy dem weh a shoot dem brother
And a promote funeral yeah
And all the one dem weh a snort coke
And a tek life fi joke

(Repeat Chorus 2X)