Alessia Cara – Seventeen Lyrics

Oh-ohh ohh-ohh ohh-ohh, ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh
Oh-ohh ohh-ohh ohh-ohh, ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh

(Verse 1)
My daddy says that life comes at you fast
We all like blades of grass
We come to prime and in time we just wither away
And it all changes
My view with a looking glass won’t catch the past
Only photographs remind us of the passing of days
Oh nothing stays the same from yesteryears
See I recall being afraid of the dark
And holding on to teddy bears
I’d wrap myself in blankets just to cover me from fears
That was then and now I’m here
And the night is mine

So hear me scream
I was too young to understand what it means
I couldn’t wait til I could be seventeen
I thought he lied when he said take my time to breathe
Now I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen
Oh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh, ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh
I’m Seventeen
Oh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh, ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh
Oh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh, ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh
Now I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen

(Verse 2)
My mother said don’t forget where you come from, where you’ve been
Always keep your closest friends they can’t slip away
They keep you grounded
Oh keep yourself surrounded with good advice
And yeah I guess that sounded nice when I was ten
Oh but never were there truer words
And I’ll my days I’ve ever heard
And when she told me little girl the answer is love
So those are words that I keep with me
Though the seasons change so quickly
Keep them buried in my heart
And never fought

(Repeat Chorus)

I been going on, I been growing up
I’m a know it all, I don’t know enough
See I was racing and waiting for the day that I would be old enough
Guess I’ll be patient and pace myself gotta prepare for when goings rough

(Repeat Chorus)