Chris Brown Finally Leaves Philippines After Being Held For Days

Chris Brown was finally cleared to leave the Philippines after being held by authorities in Manila for days over contract dispute with a promoter.

The “Ayo” hitmaker made several appeal through social media from his hotel room to leave the country. Even hashtag #Obama while pleading for help. But after two days Authorities gave the 26-year-old singer clearance to leave and he made a run for it to Hong Kong.

In a video posted on his Twitter page, Brown said, “Manila it was fun, love y’all man… If you’re free to come to Macau… party tonight! turnup!”

The dispute that held Chris Brown in Manila for two days was about a concert that he was suppose to performed at on New Years Eve but didn’t show, according to TMZ.

The promoter said that he paid the singer a million dollars and is demanding a refund. So after performing in the city for another concert this week, authorities issued a warrant to hold him until the situation was dealt with.

Brown denied the allegations and said that he has done nothing wrong. Chris Brown will be performing in Macau tonight.