T’Nez – Better Days Lyrics

Caw dem seh better day a come but mi naw seet
Dem seh go fi wa yo want mi brethren oh mi gone fi it
Man haffi survive, wi keep wi eyes to prize
Man haffi fight the fight

Cause now a days tough like concrete
Caw wi waan the table turn so right yah now wi a plan fi it
Man haffi survive, wi keep wi eyes to prize
Wi fight the fight

(Verse 1)
Got to make something a mi life
Naw rob no body so mi sing an mi write
House pon the hill an couple Bimma fi drive
Mi family dem alright a dem thing yah mi like
Big up the youth dem wa a hustle pon the street side dem
An no haffi have the chrome thing beside dem
An dem inna the street like the street light dem
In a the street like seh dem a the street light friend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Nuff man a work inna the boiling sun
Whole month an month end him cyaa find income
Half the money mash up from the light bill come
Plus him haffi set aside some fi mine him son
Not to mentioned when a rent time
A man no have a clue how dem a go get the rent find
Man stress out month end time
The money haffi find but wi don’t waan go mess crime

(Repeat Chorus)