M.I.A. – Platforms Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Neon lights on the dust on the ground on the bus
Dirty roads makes that scarf wrap a must
Rolling by scrolling for the future on the app
Data mine my mind like a diamond in the ruff

Platforms here’s a train of thought
Getting to the bright side of me is why I fought
I’m gonna say what else have I got
Maybe there’s glory in all the things I’m not

(Verse 2)
If oil is the god then the cranes all pray
The crude is so rude
Coz it makes the people pay
On the side of the road men make money
A flower for a dollar man
He wants a family
If I rose to power
It’ll be a bouquet
Emoji a smiley
And say I’m ok
The tech dudes are the only ones having a good day
And talking is cheap
Coz they make it easy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Bounce, keep it bouncing
Keep it on the run (3X)
Those who love heat, yeah here comes the sun
Power to the people yeah, the light has never done
Searching for the bi**hes, yeah electric city
Politics, new kicks

(Repeat Chorus)