Dexta Daps – Before You Leave Lyrics

(Pre Chorus)
Shi seh how you lie suh?
One likkle situation like this nuh fi a meck you cry suh
Cause if you never waan mi, and me never waan yo
Five years just wouldn’t fly by suh

(Verse 1)
Before you leave member the evening wi f**k
In a the room when yo back it p good
And yo fling up yo knees
Mi couldn’t believe seh the house so full to the amount yo scream
When mi slam out yo thing, meck yo fan out yo thing
Yo bring vaseline like yo plan out yo thing
Wi memories in a da soft sofa deh
Baby wi naw go have weh wi have on throw it away

Suh leave us to me
You cant do pressure
How can you openly
When I can do better
Maybe a some f**K you need
Just talk to me
Come in a the bed mi nuh really waan you cross wid me

(Verse 2)
You nuh really waan know wa it do to me when mi cyaa see you
You nuh really know the mount a girl out deh who would a waan be you
Mi know you vex when you hear seh da cheater gimmi weh deh paw pillow
Nothing nuh go suh, how mi fi go deh suh when that a the cousin no fi you

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Nuh matter how the problem big one f**k can solve it
You a stress the f**K out a the problem
When yo need fi involve it
Baby mi naw seh it fix everything
But everything fix when the thing come
How mi fi deh yah suh a watch you slim down
While you deh, deh suh a watch mi income

(Repeat Chorus)