Christopher Martin – Change Your Life Lyrics

Am gonna change your life
Am gonna change your life

You so sexy
Your so beautiful
Oh baby

(Verse 1)
You never had champagne
You don’t know what fun one taste like
You only seen planes
I wanna take you on your first first class flight

It’s so unfair
I know love shouldn’t come wid a price
But I got change and I wanna spend it all on you tonight

Now that I introduce you to this
You realize you deserve better
You shouldn’t have to settle for less
Now you know your a treasure

So baby this is for you
Yea you know who you are
You got me up in the clouds
You chasing after a star

(Verse 2)
Girl your body is all that
All that and more

And am gonna need all that
All that and more

Girl you smile is all that
All that and more

So give me all
All that and more

Lets make a toast tonight
Care to make any modes tonight
We getting real close
I love when you telling me the things that you like
You should already know what is on my mind
I need to get inside

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)